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Who is ImpalaPay?


ImpalaPay is the most connected payment and commerce ecosystem platform. From Shanghai to Nairobi, Capetown to Cairo, Chicago to Lagos, Rio to Rwanda. We connect global fair trade to Africa and Africa to the business world.

The business world as we know it is changing rapidly making enormous demands on speed of operation and the ability to be extremely cost effective. Product cycle time needs to be shorter and resources such as human, technological &financial need to be better managed and very effective.

To get ahead of these challenges you need a competitive advantage especially in areas of electronic and mobile payment solution support.

ImpalaPay propriety payment solutions gives you that decisive edge  over your competition especially  with the distributed leger that will reduce product cycle time from days to minutes as well as rapidly reducing the cost. This will provide you with new revenue sources by enhancing efficiency in your operations as well as making your product available to a wider global audience.


Our focus is eliminating costly barriers and red tape that so hinders commerce & capital movement across Africa and the world growth of industrial and personal wealth in the entrepreneurial class in Africa.

Impalapay API is a secure single window end to end transaction module with an unparallel  global network see footprint and our brief introductory video below,

Our Footprint

We are currently present in the following countries

Our mission is to build a cashfree electronic cross border or digital economy covering whole of Africa and its major partners countrie especially in Asia $ China as OBOR(one belt ,one rail) initiative.Lowest cost price and efficiency.  vice at the lowest possible. 

Our global reach gives you unparallel financial network guarantee best FX rates ,with a variety of new innovative payment methods such as cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

In order to efficiently serve and meet the growing needs of our clients we uphold the following core values :







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