We pioneered cross border peer to peer and merchant  mobile payments in Africa our API (application program interface) is present is 117 countries globally with access to over 200 million wallets and 300,000 paying agents in Africa alone.

Our  API is secure robust and easy to integrate with one click,We enable end to end transactions to more than 117 countries.  Our processing is built almost entirely on the indelible,indistractable electronic  mobile money processing,banks, paybills, proprietary cards, mobile wallets and other alternative native payment channels as well as crypto-currencies. Advantage is the almost zero fraud and no card charge back. Real time settlement and indelible electronic audit trail.

 To eliminate borders in Africa we intend to be a premier trade and finance enabler of the one road & one belt trade area. The main currency in Intra Africa and the Financial inclusion bank of choice for cross -border merchants.


We are building Africa's biggest cashless economy.

You can profit from our experience in the trenches as a pioneer cross-border merchant and peer to peer mobile phone payments switch and hub technology provider and aggregator.

We have offices registered and located in :


  • Hong-Kong
  • Mauritius
  • Nairobi
  • London
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ivory coast
  • Uganda


Elsie Njane- CEO


Is an industrious and self –motivated lady .With over 12 years of experience ,has a wealth of experience in Business Development ,customer relations ,Human relations, Operations & general management in Remittance .She is pragmatic and result oriented who focuses on bottom line results and the ability to maintain and bring in new business. She has worked as a business development manager with Kendy money transfer and Electronic Commerce Solutions.


Management Team