some of our case studies

Gajo express

 we are working with them to create a national switch and the largest payout network in the oil rich Equatorial Guinea which was a high migrant population from west Africa and China. We are working on a national switch linking MNOs, banks and micro finance institutions as a means for low cost global remittances. 

Airtel africa

 As one of the biggest MNOs in Africa, Airtel has been a key driving partner for inbound and outbound mobile-to-mobile money   transfers. Interoperability between airtel and mpesa has been a huge success. 



We have provided an interoperability platform between UBA bank, Airtel Africa and MTN. Making it easier to access your money wherever you are  at any given time.

Our Partners

Some of our partners include:


Msewa                Stellar                          IDT

Transferto          Etransact                   Airtel

FGD                     World Remit               UBA

Wari                     Vitesse                         China commercial bank

Quickcash           MTN                            Tigo

Sendvalu             MMIT                          Cashpot