with over 500 million people without bank accounts in Africa ,with informal cross border trade accounting for 50-70% of All Africa import and export and almost 95% in cash. 70% is by women, majority is by savings so exponential growth is hard to come by.

 ImpalaPay will build bridges between the formal, informal and cash to electronic money. Wallet and stored value will work as a bank and audit trail enabling bank and lenders to offer loans using our credit rating system by eliminating cash. Connect traders and business people to global markets. 

Impalapay's technology and store value wallet brings financial inclusivity to millions of informal and small businesses especially but not exclusive to those involved in cross-border trade.

By offering secure, seamless & convenient mobile payments ,acceptance,banking and access to credit.

Combined with Impalapay's impressive global cashless reach ,we plan to level the playing field for our clients and creating more equitable societies.

We are building a global cashless cross-border ecosystem. Eliminating cash that may not be convertible ,expensive,dirty, hard to transport and high cost of banking