Our ICO and company profile documents

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What will the funds be used for?


  • The funds will be used to get skilled staff .
  • They will  be used to acquire regulatory licenses
  • They will also be used in actual trading as an acceptable currency.

How will my tokens appreciate?


  • As trading improves and the tokens gain acceptance in our already expensive network.
  • As the network expands further the tokens will appreciate.
  • As more flat and crypto-currencies join our blockchain.
  • As more consumers and traders join our digital bank etc.

Will the bank offer interest savings account?


  • No it is purely transactional multi-currency and Impalapay token. However we shall have a credit rating mechanism where banks and lending institution partners can lend. We anticipate at least 45% rise within two years.

 Why the Stellar platform? 


  • We are using the stellar platform because it is widely available and acceptable in Africa and Asia.
  • It is faster in processing.
  • The founder has been an innovative pioneer.

 How long has ImpalaPay been operational and is it profitable? 


  • We have been operational for 3 years in development and 2 years in trading we are already profitable in some of our markets.Some of the proceeds will be used as fixed deposit to enhance our cash ratio and liquidity position and speed up overall profitability within 18 months.

 Who is your immediate target market? 


  • At the moments non who are using the alternative processing capabilities of mobile processing and block chain transfers.
  • Visa/MasterCard are expensive and not readily available
  • Transnational banks are expensive with few branches that are not readily available.

 Will you have discounts? 


  • Yes there will be discounts of upto 30%.

 Are you a private company? 

Yes we are a private company with our main registrations in Hong Kong, Mauritius,Kenya, and the UK.

 What is your immediate line of business? 


  • International and cross border peer to peer transfers.
  • Merchant payments.
  • Foreign exchange from CB transactions.
  • Smart contracts between industries and merchants.
  • Medium-Full banking services
  • International trade currency of trade between Africa and the world.


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