Pay multiple recipients at once, in different countries and currencies

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End to end payouts processing for emerging markets

Scale your business with a single connection to ImpalaPay Ltd’s network

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Key Benefits

For you

  • Access to over 200 partners through a single API connection
  • End to end integration support
  • Full suite of monitoring and reporting tools

For your customers

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Recipient gets funds in local currency
  • Receive funds directly to their mobile wallets or bank account

Comprehensive compliance program

  • A comprehensive program in place to vet network partners to strict international standards
  • Customer funds are held in authorised credit institutions
  • Our robust compliance process includes AML/CTF, ABC, sanctions screening, CDD/KYC and data protection
  • Our Mobile Airtime and Money Transfer divisions operate as separate entities with clear segregation of funds and operations


The Company

Our Services

  • Money Transfer
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Bill Payments
  • International Cross Border
  • Merchant Bulk Payments