ImpalaPay digital value services

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  • Exclusively a B2B service provider
  • Network of 600+ mobile operators in 150+ countries
  • Full suite of offerings: Mobile top-ups, data bundles, e-vouchers and other goods and services

Typical Customer Integrations

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Key Benefits

For your business

  • Scale your business to multiple countries with multiple operators.
  • Best-in-class technology for top-ups with operator identification.
  • Implement it today - no license or setup required.

For your customers

  • No registration required, send directly to any prepaid mobile number.
  • Credited instantly in local currency to recipient.
  • High value for recipients in all emerging markets.


The Company

Our Services

  • Money Transfer
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Bill Payments
  • International Cross Border
  • Merchant Bulk Payments