ImpalaPay is set to launch a digital bank,

 The digital will run on blockchain and stellar platform, it is set to reduce the transaction cost and product cycle time effectively. The bank will be almost physical branch free hence making it available to anyone at any given time . This will ease cross border payments mostly because its target market is the informal traders dealing with import /export. The release date is to be communicated. 

Transferto partners with ImpalaPay

 Transferto has integrated with ImpalaPay to provide cross-border payment solutions using mobile wallets in Africa and beyond, Making cross border payments a lot easier and cheaper for everyone. 

Impalapay in partnership with MMIT

  is about to launch a project on bill payments. This will enable people living oversees to pay their bills back home directly without having to go through the hustles of banks, and waiting days  for their cheque to be cleared. The project aims at covering the whole of Africa and will be launched early next year.