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What is

ImpalaPay ?

The Financial Industry is rapidly transforming with Fintech changing the industry period. Current Players in the market have developed products to solve niche problems and then attempt to expand the solution globally. For the most part it has remained highly localized.

ImpalaPay is utilizing its global Technology in the Digital Wallet, Block Chain and Digital Currencies space that is Cross Border with the intent to integrate several opportunities across the value spectrum. This will be achieved by leveraging strong relations with key stakeholders such as Governments, Smart Cities, Regulators, E/M-Commerce Companies, Trade Financing and Trading Platforms, Money Transfers Companies etc.to maximize global customer acquisition.

We reimagine, reinvent and aim to redefine transactions by utilizing technology and existing infrastructure

Digital Currency

Platform for creating tokens and Remittance, P2P Lending, E-Commerce.

Record Keeping

Seamless record keeping of identity Ownership, proof of identity, IP-Loyalty programs.


Trading of Equity, Commodities, Derivatives, Crowdfunding, Private Markets, Bands.

Smart Contracts

Secure Escrow, Numerous contracts, Gambling and Casino Consumer Privacy, Healthcare.

Logistics and Trade Finance

Transportation, Internet of things, Content storage and sharing, logistics and supply chain.

Governance/ Compliance

Enforcement of governance, access control, social services delivery, application process.



We have a wide footprint with strong regulatory coverage.


Countries In Africa


Countries Worldwide

Coming Soon

Singapore & Vietnam

Company Profile

ImpalaPay provides a one-stop Digital Payment and Block Chain service available across the Globe.

Mad Move aims at serving the consumers (Banked, Unbanked and Underbanked) with Online and Mobile Banking facilities on Traditional and Block Chain Platforms from anywhere to anywhere by incorporating its Global Compliance engine to settle transactions globally.

Payments infrastructure to grow your business.

Blockchain Platform

Token Exchange

Exchange to list tokens and exchange/settle between FIAT and tokens
The Block Chain Platform is integrated in 30+ Countries with Settlement Networks for both FIAT and Digital Currencies.

Money Transfer on Block Chain

The Block Chain Platform is integrated in 30+ Countries and allows for Settlement of funds in both FIAT and Digital Currencies. This will be driven by the Global Compliance Engine and Regulations in the Settlement Country as to whether transactions are settled in FIAT or Digital Currencies.
Create and communicate the documentation to the relevant Financial Institutions and Brokerage as well proving the Technology and Network to create and establish Commodity Exchanges integrated to Token and FIAT Exchanges. Projects in place to be implemented.
Leverage Algorithm to recognize patterns and Arbitraging opportunities and to execute orders to maximize profit. This is achieved by placing buy and sell orders into the system leveraging the Algorithm.

Value Additions

Utility Bill Payments

Customers can pay their utility bills such as electricity, gas, water, phone, landline, insurance etc. With the bill payment feature, customers need not wait in long queues, they can schedule their payments and will be notified once the payment is being made.

Merchant Payments

This Mobile Financial service will ease the users of paying their bills when they do shopping. The users will be able to make payments at: Grocery Shops, Department Stores, Malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Airlines, Travel Agencies, Jewellery Shops, Electronic Stores, Book Stores, Tailoring/Boutiques, Petrol Pumps, Credit Card Bill Payments

Pay at Store

The Pay at Store feature will allow customers to pay through the Mobile App at any offline store. Customers just need to enter the order reference number and then click on Pay. These two steps will complete the transaction. It is further categorized as QR Payment.

QR Pay

QR payment will allow customers to make quick payment. Customers have to scan the QR code of the Merchant posted at his terminal and the transaction will be completed. AND Customers can generate their QR code based on the amount they need to pay the merchant and then present it. The Merchant will scan the QR code and the payment will be completed.

Merchant App

The Merchant App allows the merchant to register and start accepting payments through the Mad Move Wallet immediately. In many countries, it is very tough for small merchants to run their business efficiently, as customers do not have cash but are capable of paying by cards or online. This will allow mobile payments to became one of the most attractive payment method. The Merchant App allows merchants to quickly receive payments through QR Codes and also through Offline Payment method. Having received payments through the App, merchants can transfer funds to their bank accounts through Push/Withdraw option.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Our team has successfully implemented the Multi-Currency feature in the Digital Payment Platform. The intent is to provide a seamless Digital Payment Solution across the globe. The Multi-Currency Wallet allows customers to become KYC users across the globe and switch currency wherever needed. It also allows customers to buy recharge and make bill payments and other payments in many countries across the Globe. We have been continuously implementing Global Cross Border Merchants to provide additional features to our customers. The Platform is highly compliant and robust. We have directly implemented the platform with money remittance companies to allow customers to switch currency seamlessly.

Biometric Payments

With the growing need for different payment methods, we have developed a biometric payment solution where customers can make payments by just getting their fingerprint scanned using the biometric device available at the merchant's location. Merchants enter the amount to be paid by the customer at their location and the customer's fingerprint is scanned to complete the payment immediately.

NFC Payments

Our NFC payment solution allows customers to perform the transaction in ONE TOUCH. Our Tap & Go feature involves a closed loop NFC card, issued to customers which can used at NFC Terminals for Car Parking, Food Courts, Colleges, Societies, Theme Parks, etc. and make the payments faster in just one touch. Most mobile handsets now come with NFC enabled features. We are using this technology to provide payment features to customers which is way faster than a mobile application. The NFC chip can also be embedded in Debit Cards issued by the banks or can be integrated into mobile phones to allow customers to make payments without having to carry multiple cards. We will also be launching Smart Cards in the coming months.

Online Payment Gateway

We are integrating e-commerce & m-commerce merchants who are looking for the most efficient ways of reducing payment gateways costs. The market is very competitive and the only way to choose a payment gateway is to leverage the customer base of the gateway company to drive revenues or the fees charged on CC/DC & internet banking. We have an easy to use API integration process to the payment gateway with merchants which will allow merchants to get the payment in their bank account directly.

Cash In Agents

In counties where large portions of the population are still unbanked, having the ability to offer services for the unbanked economy will require Cash-In Agents. Our Merchant Stores Network will established wallet users is leveraged to give the cash to agents which will be uploaded into the customer's wallet account.

Digital Content Marketplace

Our Digital Content Marketplace allows users to purchase digital content (such as Wallpapers, Themes, Games, Songs and eBooks etc.) by using their Telco Carrier balance. We have tied up with Fortumo and other Carrier Partners to load money into the digital wallet through prepaid & postpaid balance of users, to provide them with an App to buy digital content. This will provide a payment solution to mobile handset manufacturers where then can push their contents to their existing customers.

Colleges and Universities Payments Management

With our Digital Wallet & NFC payment solutions, we can approach universities and colleges to utilize the platform for recurring payments such as cafeteria, Xerox, library, top ups, bill payments, books, college fee, fines, donations, and many more. This allow us to create a localized solution with an ecosystem catering to universities and colleges utilizing the payment platform.

Beacon and Geo-Location

Our Geo-location marketing provides content to the customer on their smartphones based on their physical location. A merchant can advertise their product through services such as Beacons, GeoFencing, and Geo-Location. Beacon: A Bluetooth based device sends notification to consumer's mobile through Bluetooth. Geo-Fencing: GPS Technology helps to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. Geo-Location: This facility enables merchants to push a response to nearby consumers on their mobile application using their GPS location through their merchant device.

Merchant App and POS Integration

Integrated POS device with the Merchant Application is an added benefit for Merchants. Apart from accepting payments through the consumer application, the merchant can accept payments through debit, credit and prepaid cards.

Remittance Network

There continues to be an increase in domestic remittance. We have the capability to deploy P2P (Peer to Peer) & P2B (Peer to Bank) services through our digital payment platform. We are integrating with banks globally and also with Postal Services and other distribution networks for CashOut and Cash-In facilities. Post Offices globally has expanded to the remote areas in every country which will allow the company to provide domestic remittance facilities to the unbanked living in those regions.

International Remittance

We are deploying the Digital Wallet Platform as a receiving channel of International remittance globally, to create Wallet-to-Wallet transactions. Since remittance directly to a mobile wallet is not allowed in some countries, we will have initiated a two-step process where the remittance will be received in customer's bank account then customer can pull money in his digital wallet through a secure verification process.

Charity and Donations

This feature will allow customer to donate funds through our Digital Wallet. It also allows the company to work with NGO's that are currently collecting donations through various traditional methods, which are not efficient to provide relief materials to victims in a timely manner. Our Digital Wallet will provide NGOs a platform to receive funds through the mobile application quickly and efficiently.

Secure Transactions

The Digital Wallet Gateway ensures secure transactions. Customers will not have to worry about scams and other fraudulent transactions. The Digital Wallet payment gateway utilizes a strong VeriSign SSL Certificate encryption system that effectively protects sensitive data.

Immediate Authorization

With automation, you will know immediately if a payment is valid.

Transaction Dispute Resolution

Customers will be represented by Digital Wallets and Merchant Banks, both of which create the incentive for companies to drive revenues and get paid.

Customer Satisfaction

With Digital Wallet payment gateway, customers can have access to your organization without having a bank account in a Bank.

Benefits To Customers

EASY - The Digital Wallet is easy to implement in any system.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Customers can make payments from anywhere to anywhere, at any time.

QUICK SERVICE - It provides quick service to both merchants and customers.

EASY COLLECTION - It enables easy collection of cash, as funds are directly transferred to Merchant's Bank Account.

REVENUE MANAGEMENT - It brings about flexibility to facilitate comprehensive revenue management.

24X7 SERVICE - The Digital Wallet enables Customers and Merchants to have round-the-clock payment service effortlessly.

The ultimate advantage of the Digital Wallet is to increase customers and drive revenues,
which is driven by the following factors:

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