What we do on the interconnected platform.

How the current state of trade finance looks like

Using Impalapay's hub

Our platform makes its for the traders, banks and merchants to conduct their business globally;

For the global business man

Mobile banking


we have built digital bridges for cash migration to orderly and streamlined, mobile and internet wallet banking. In the process we have lowered transaction cost by more than 80%. 

POS Machines

Advantages of using Impalapay interconnected platform for business men.

1.Multicurrency stored value wallet build on the blockchain platfrom  that is a transactional bank,eliminating cash and helps build your credit rating increasing capital.

2.Ability to receive, initiate and authorize smart contracts in coloured coins,tokens or crypto-currencies .

3.Receive and paybills electronically.

4.Access to banks and real time correspondence banking.

For banks

Build your hub on the white label keep your legacy platforms but grow your digital banking network connecting diverse operating platforms and increase profits and client communications via new payment and messaging chat platforms.


1.Real time documentation and payments.

2.Secure contracts

3.Easy secure instruments of trade and verified electronic signatures.

Our Financial suite of products include :

  • New payment rail-mobile processing.
  • App with chat features
  • Social banking
  • Agency banking
  • MPOs
  • Treasury
  • Crypto-currencies
  • Premiums numbers
  •    Paybills

For Business

1.Negotiate and receive smart legal binding contracts.

2.Receive payments in digitized flat currencies.

Some of our Hub features:

  • Biggest network in Africa and one of the largest globally 117 countries.
  • Single secure easy to integrate end to end transactional  API.
  • Bi-later and tripartite agreements .
  • Insurance against fraud.
  • Real time to T-1 day interoperability between mobile banks and IMTs.
  • Cross border payments for banks ,mobile wallets and businesses.

We are building Africa and the world largest payments infrastructure into one seamless payment payment area a Skype for global payments.

Cross border by numbers